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Guideline for Presenters (Oral Session)

  • NameNDM 2018 Secretariat
  • Date2018-06-19 11:22:42
  • Inquiry111


Dear NDM 2018 Presenters,


Greetings from NDM 2018 Secretariat, Korea!



We would like to inform you that the program is live on the website. Please visit and check your session and detailed schedule (Click here to check the program).


Each presenter will have 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.

Presentation material should be uploaded via INDICO site at the start of the morning or afternoon in which you are presenting. It would be even better to submit the presentation material in advance (before starting the symposium).


Please make sure to visit operation desk to check your material work properly during break time before your session.


Sincerely yours,

NDM 2018 Secretariat


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